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Monetize TikiLIVE with Pay Per View Events and Subscriptions

Have a premium event coming up? Did you know you can sell tickets with TikiLIVE and start earning cash today? That’s right! Within a few minutes you can;


Now performers, content owners, and premium venues facilities can easily put together a Pay Per View event and even share revenues with the artist of venue! Find out more about how you can start your own Pay Per View event with TikiLIVE or even host your own White Label license under your own logo brand name with your own URL by calling us at 305.289.4557 or filling out our online contact us form today!

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Expand with TikiLIVE API


TikiLIVE has multiple ways for users to deliver HD content. Live stream your own video through channels including audio broadcasting to radio, social media integration, full white label platform delivery, and much more. Among these is also a method through our TikiLIVE API software.

What is an API?

API stands for Application-Programming Interface which is essentially a set of code that specifies how different software components interact with each other. We have built our API as a software-to-software interface rather than as a user interface. This allows for developers to use all of the functions of TikiLIVE while developing their own apps. You can start your integration with our “RESTful” API today!

Many development companies are using this API approach to increase flexibility with their solution. Today, many other larger companies such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter offer APIs as well. TikiLIVE has joined them with our latest version of TikiLIVE, LIVE streaming API.

About TikiLIVE

TikiLIVE is an online broadcasting platform that can be used to stream content LIVE directly to your viewers, or upload Video On Demand content to be watched at any time through your computer, mobile device, or TV in high definition. Stream LIVE content with our HD Wave broadcaster, or use our Channel Manager tool to create multiple playlists for scheduled or looped playback.

To learn more about our TikiLIVE API tool, fill out our online Contact Us form or give us a call at 305.481.5079 to get a hold of a representative and start providing for your very own users today!

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New TikiLIVE V5.0 Update



TikiLIVE has done it again and this time made a big improvement to the broadcaster’s dashboard. Previous versions we’ve redesigned the site to improve streaming experiences for viewers both online and on mobile devices, but now, we’ve redone the entire backend of the site to provide a better broadcasting experience.


Brand New Design

Along with its many updates, TikiLIVE has changed its look of the user dashboard, now reflecting the new design on the front end of the site. The simplistic design makes navigation easier to edit channels, videos, and content, plus adds a fresh and modern look to your entire system.


Bootstrap Backend

Just like the rest of TikiLIVE, the backend is now built on a responsive layout that allows a user’s account dashboard to look great on all devices through the same bootstrap design used by the popular social media network, Twitter. Whether you’re a mobile phone, tablet, or internet browser, users can have optimized access to their dashboard from anywhere at any time. This increased usability is sure to benefit all users; broadcasters and viewers.


Updated Chat Room

Channels have the capability to have a chat room attached to it which can even be embedded with the player on another website as well. Now we have updated the chat room so that the broadcaster can offer guest enabled chat, and viewers can now even utilize popular emoticons in their messages, creating a brand new way of conversing on TikiLIVE.

Dashboard Easy Access

Users can access their account dashboard simply from TikiLIVE at any time at the top of the page, with all the essential information visible as soon as you’re on the page. Basic channel and account information is accessible as soon as the dashboard is opened, showing basic channel and media analytics, billing and usage information, support options, and history all on the dashboard’s main page.

Easy menu navigation to the left allows users to keep all their live and radio media organized, view channel statistics, support tickets, WordPress access, Set Top Box devices, and much more. Each category has its own sub menu to keep relative functions together and content editing simple and easy.

You can sign up for a free account today and try out TikiLIVE’s amazing features to start your own live streaming channel. If you have questions, you may contact us online or give us a call at 305.289.4557 for more information.


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TikiLIVE Now Offers New Shopping Cart Feature for Users

With the new year beginning, TikiLIVE starts it off with a brand “NEW” upgrade. TikiLIVE broadcasters may now offer products through our newest WordPress plugin!

Updated Shopping Cart

TikiLIVE has streamlined the process of setting up a shopping cart. Users now have the capability to integrate their own shopping cart into a free
TikiLIVE WordPress site to sell digital media, books, and hard goods! Now music artists can offer listeners their music using the TikiLIVE Better Than Radio, and then sell their music direct to their audience! All this from their very own personalized WordPress site with easy to use back office controls. Artists or may sell a track at a time, or offer entire albums of MP3s. This is the least costly way to jump start your business today!

Upgrade to our latest platform and you too may receive the following:

  • An easy to deploy shopping cart, ready in minutes
  • The ability to offer hard goods, music, or movies for sale
  • Integration with PayPal or credit card for an easy and convenient checkout experience

Any channel owner on TikiLIVE can now run a full service, media distribution business from one back office! Please contact us for more details and to arrange for an online personal demonstration.

Roku Adaptive VOD Bitrate Streaming

Being able to stream Internet content to a television is a big feature in the IPTV industry and is growing more popular each day. Roku is just one of the many ways that viewers are able to watch their favorite shows and more at home and online right through their television.

While some viewers may have the Internet capacity and more to watch extremely High Definition content, not everybody does. This is why TikiLIVE has upgraded their Video On Demand streaming to allow for adaptive bitrate capabilities on Roku. With this new adaptive streaming, the video starts out at a lower bitrate and continually adjusts to the actual speed of the viewers Internet connection, ensuring that they will have a smooth and pleasant viewing experience.

Broadcasters follow the normal uploading method for adding content to Roku; we still make it as simple as ever. Use our built-in Monster Encoder program, encode the file for Roku and HTML5 compatibilities, and you’re done! Once the videos are encoded, it will be availalbe on the TikiLIVE Roku channel for your viewers to enjoy.

Bandwidth Calculator

To make the process easier, TikiLIVE has added a bandwidth calculator to the upgrade page so users can know exactly what package they will need. Users can place their statistics in the designated area, providing their expected viewers, broadcasting and viewing bitrate, plus broadcasting time, and the calculator will provide them with the recommended package. If someone is unsure, this tool takes out all the worry, calculating the required package based on the broadcaster’s expectations.

PPV Earnings

For users who want to host their own live Pay Per View events or VOD content, even channel subscriptions, TikiLIVE offers this capability for anyone to use. Make a profit on live sports events, premium movies, or monthly subscriptions for exclusive access. This is just another great way to create a revenue source off of content that users already have access too.

Once the event is finished and PayPal is one of the most secure e-commerce businesses used across the world. This is why we have integrated PayPal into our payment system for users purchasing content or subscriptions, and just recently for broadcasters receiving earnings for the PPV and subscription content, making instant funds transfer simple.

HD Wave for Mac Apple Logo

Mac computers from Apple are becoming a growing favorite among users everywhere. People are using Apple products more and more so TikiLIVE has taken the step forward and we have developed our own HD Wave for Mac broadcaster. Now Mac users won’t have to resort to third-party broadcasting programs and can stick with the same application that is built directly into the software, providing you with a seamless streaming experience.

TikiLIVE is dedicated to keeping up with the newest capabilities of technology and as long as these features keep coming, we will keep improving. For more information or any questions you may have about our services, feel free to fill out our contact us form, or call our office at 305.289.4557.

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HD Wave Live Broadcaster for Mac

hd mac
The HD Wave for TikiLIVE has always allowed its users to broadcast in High or Standard definition through its simple to use interface. Previously the HD Wave had only been available for Windows computers, leaving Mac users to resort to third party broadcasting software to stream from Apple computers, but no more.

Just recently, TikiLIVE released their first mobile application available from the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play store. Now we’ve made the advancement into desktop applications for Mac users, available for download right from the Mac App Store.

No Proprietary Equipment Needed

The HD Wave for Mac allows TikiLIVE users to stream quality content without the need of any expensive broadcasting equipment normally required with other programs or platforms. To get started, all the broadcaster needs is a powerful Mac and a camera connected to their computer, being either an iMac, Mac Mini, or a MacBook. To get started, users can

    • Download the HD wave Live Broadcaster for Mac from the App Store or from our website
    • Plug in their video source
  • Select their channel
  • And start broadcasting LIVE!

The desktop application allows broadcasters to publish up to 1080i HD video quality, streaming events and content live right to the viewers. The HD Wave software captures video in real time via Thunderbolt input and even automatically records the stream to the users’ TikiLIVE account for later access.

The HD Wave and TikiLIVE

Combined with the power of the TikiLIVE platform, broadcasters can stream content from their Mac computer with the HD Wave and utilize various features from TikiLIVE to enhance viewer experiences. Streams may be viewed using Roku Set Top Boxes, web browsers, Flash-based players, and HTL5 mobile devices.

Not only does TikiLIVE have desktop broadcasters for PC and Mac users now, but we also released an application that allows broadcasters to stream video and audio live right from their mobile Apple devices. Simply download the app, configure your channel, and you’re broadcasting on the go! For more details, you can see our page here.

Whether you’re streaming TV stations, movies, faith-based services, sports networks, game tournaments, or general IPTV content, the HD Wave deliver it all from your Mac computer for anyone in the world to watch.

For more information on how to start using the HD Wave for Mac or any of our other broadcasting tools and platforms, fill out our contact us form, or call our office at 305.289.4557.

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How TikiLIVE Delivers Premium Content from HBO, Showtime, and SKY Channels Worldwide

vod iptv
TikiLIVE has a full list of premium U.S. content available for distribution by qualified ISPs and Telcos domestically and internationally. There are over 150 different premium channels available in stunning 1080i for picture perfect quality streaming.
TikiLIVE will even help in monetizing this content for you. From the tools we offer, you can create channels packages to sell to subscribers and charge a recurring fee for. We don’t even dictate what channels you have to offer or at what price; as a client and platform administrator, this will be entirely in your hands.
Pick and choose from our total list of channels offered based on your delivered region and create different channel packages at different prices. You can offer whichever channels in each individual package for your subscribers to choose from, and then set the price at your own rate. As pricing will vary from place to place, you can also set this for each individual channel package to best reflect your target audience, capturing you more subscribers.

White-Label Set Top Boxes

We provide everything you need to set up a complete IPTV network and resell channels to your subscribers, including the TikiLIVE Middleware. In addition, there is also a billing gateway, QOS and financial reporting, training to get started, plus Set Top Boxes to actually deliver the content.
Our White-Label STBs allow you to deliver premium, HD content to your subscribers under your own name brand. Your brand will always be in front of the customer and no one else’s with this White-Label box, increasing your popularity and total subscriptions. Not only will viewers be watching premium HD content they are receiving directly from you, but they’ll be doing it right on their televisions too. This just adds to the number of platforms that your network can be available on, allowing subscribers to watch your channels as if it were right from a cable box, allowing you to compete on the same level as other local cable companies.

What about VOD?

Not only does TikiLIVE offer some of the best premium channels to offer, but we also have a selection of Video On Demand movies for clients to offer. Through a complete list of over 1,800 titles, providers can also offer HD quality VOD content to resell into their market. This add-on is an “all-you-can-eat” style library based on monthly subscriptions so anyone can watch premium quality videos whenever they want.
We are always looking to add new channels and titles to our lineup, offering more to our resellers as well. To see a list of our current premium content and more details on our IPTV Middleware, see our PDF here:


Contact us today to see if you qualify or give us a call at 305.289.4557 to get started in offering premium content to subscribers today.

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FOX, Showtime, and HBO Premium Content Available on TikiLIVE Platform!

TikiLIVE now provides premium custom platforms to stream original content. Now shipping an out-of-the-box ISP solution streaming FCC approved content for the International and U.S.A markets.

Start your very own domestic and international iPTV business with our TikiLIVE iPTV Premium Middleware module. We offer a complete set of tools for our clients to offer unique channel lineups. Become profitable straight away and hit the ground running with our fast track training videos.

Our starter packages include premium content based on the channels you choose to offer. Set your own pricing using our billing middleware and start selling subscriptions today!


Getting Started is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Creating custom channel packages is fast and easy. Add the channel lineups and content you wish to offer and set your own prices. Once setup, you may order Set Top Boxes and send them to the end users who purchase a subscription and watch the premium content from the comfort of their homes.

Choose from our approved list of content approved for distribution in the U.S and international regions. You will find that we offer exclusive content in multiple languages too. There are over 150 different channels to choose from in both High and Standard Definition. For more information and a full list of available channels, see our PDF here:

TikiLIVE USA & International IPTV Content


For Your International iPTV Content


See Our Video

To learn more about our International iPTV Middleware offer, please contact us, or call our office at 305.289.4557 for more information.

TikiLIVE Expands IPTV Through Africa

september newsletter success-large

TikiLIVE has many clients located around the globe, and recently our IPTV services have even expanded all the way to Africa through My Live Africa TV.

With the TikiLIVE White-Label Broadcasting Platform, My Live Africa TV is now able to stream local content from Ghana, Africa to the local population and others around the world as well. My Live Africa TV markets itself as a company that connects the people of Ghana through the LIVE streaming of their local content via IPTV worldwide. Since starting out in August of this year, My Live Africa TV has already gained thousands of registered viewers on the site and is growing daily through their White Labeled TikiLIVE platform.


Secret of Success

Success isn’t always simple; sometimes one person has to work harder at it than others, other times people are lucky and fall into success, and sometimes someone has to build from the ground up. With TikiLIVE, we strive to supply our customers with the latest and greatest of IPTV technology to make success simpler for our customers. Not only do we provide you with the website and the software to be able to broadcast LIVE all over the world, but we even offer the hosting needs and the service to give your streams the assistance they deserve.


Great Exposure on Web and TV

Getting content out in the open is one of the major milestones required for having a successful business plan in today social network driven world. Eyepartner provides you with all the tools to get your streams to all mainstream devices used to view content. We have different add-on modules that you can use to customize a White Label solution to have your content available on many more devices such as mobile phones and tables for on-the-go or even Set Top Boxes for traditional viewing on a television. Having your product in many different places increases exposure and provides a better chance to monetize the content that you are publishing.


Great Content Packaging with Middleware

With great content comes great responsibility, and to offer that content it is important to package it professionally and reliably for users to access and watch their favorite shows. TikiLIVE’s Middleware Subscription Module allows network owners to create and manage channel packages on their TikiLIVE network for a fraction of the cost of traditional middleware services. Our turnkey middleware allows the network owner to be able to deliver and monetize LIVE and VOD content anywhere in the world to many compatible devices, including mobile phones and Set Top Boxes.


Great Hosting Plan

The benefits of having a great hosting plan can take an online service far. If you don’t have the correct service and end up with a servers that can’t withstand your expectations which can lead to unwanted events. Our Network Operations Center can withstand any business size; from small hosting plans with a few concurrent users, to large Enterprise Hosting Solutions with multiple cluster servers to load balanced streaming servers. With servers located in datacenters on both the West and East Cost, TikiLIVE also offers clients redundant success paths in the event an act of God temporarily disrupts service at an entire Datacenter. TikiLIVE also offers scalable hosting plans to fit your streaming media hosting needs and support your growing audience.


Great Support Team

Whether it’s your viewers or your broadcasters that need help, providing support for your customers can increase your reputation greatly. People like knowing that if they need help, someone will be there to assist them. That’s why each of our clients receives an online manual branded specifically to their website with information on how to utilize their broadcasting service. This covers information for everyone from Administrators, to broadcasters, even viewers. Each client is also provided with a ticket system for users to clearly state their potential issues as well as ask for general direction on a specific area of expertise that they do not currently poses. It works well for providing all the details needed from the users on their end to be able to solve issues quickly and efficiently as well as consult a professional team with years of experience in the LIVE streaming market place.


To find out how you can start your own successful IPTV network, you can reach us through our online Contact Us form, or by phone at 305.289.4557.


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TikiLIVE Radio for Amino Set Top Box


Radio has always been thought of as something that was listened to with a bulky device. Not so with TikiLIVE “Better than Radio”. Our solution is HTML5 ready and that means MOBILE! Listen to TikiLIVE with your iPad, iPhone or Android devices on a 24-7 basis on the go.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand features of the TikiLIVE platform. One of the most recent advancements is our “new” Better than Radio module and the ability to broadcast your radio stations over Amino Set Top Boxes! Now viewers and listeners can enjoy the entertainment of rock concerts, talk shows, podcasts, and music right from the comfort of their home or office. The TikiLIVE radio channel will stream to televisions where users may readily play their favorite radio stations as well as HD Video channels.

Set up is simple!

TikiLIVE “Better than Radio” allows you to play an endless amount of music from a drag and drop playlist. It is also compatible with many market-ready LIVE broadcasters. DJs may stream their live show from their PC or Mac along with the most popular supported radio broadcasting and mixing applications. These include Winamp, Virtual DJ, SAM and MIXXX. You may upload your own exclusive sound tracks or content from our massive audio library. You may easily drag and drop in a playlist and choose from our library of over 500,000 sound tracks… and growing daily.

To find out how you can begin broadcasting your own radio or HD Video channel, you can reach us through our online Contact Us form, or by phone at 305.289.4557.


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$10k Shout Out Giveaway for Affiliates And Radio Broadcasters


We have just released the brand new TikiLIVE Affiliate Program. Our goal with this new program is to reward individuals who promote our TikiLIVE broadcasting platform.

Our clients may now earn recurring revenue streams and bonuses for turning on others to TikiLIVE! Joining the Affiliate Program provides you with a unique set of HD broadcasting and training tools to get you started. Our training videos will take you from novice to Pro in no time at all. Each Affiliate receives a fully responsive, customizable, “mobile ready” broadcasting presence complete with affiliate banners to showcase TikiLIVE. To get started, all that is needed is a domain name, logo and about 20 minutes to create your new site.

Affiliate Payouts in the first month!

It has been only 30 days since our pre-launch of our affiliate program and payouts have started going out. The response to this new program has been so well received that we have decided to run the first of many giveaways.

$10,000 Radio shout out award!

This contest has two chances to earn $5,000. The Top Affiliate will be awarded to the top (most popular) affiliate radio broadcaster on TikiLIVE.

What does it takes to achieve these awards?


$5,000 to the Top Affiliate!

1. Individual must be an active, qualified Affiliate.
2. The Top Affiliate will be chosen based on the highest number of accounts of Broadcasters and Affiliates.
3. Broadcaster signups must be a premium broadcaster account to qualify.
4. Top Affiliate will hold the highest number of audience on his channel over the final 30 day period of the Shout Out.
Winner will be choosing based on the following:
• Most listens in the last 30 days (50% weight)
• Most Facebook likes on channel (25% weight)
• Most active Affiliates in group (25% weight)

$5,000 goes to Referring party of Top Affiliate!

1. Individual must be an active, qualified Affiliate.
2. This award shall be given to the person or entity who refers the Top Affiliate to TikiLIVE

Each will receive round trip airfare (within the Continental US) and hotel for one night in Marathon, Florida.

Contest runs from July 20th 2013 Through December 1, 2013.

To learn about the new radio broadcasting solution added to TikiLIVE and how it stands up to the competition visit: http://www.tikilive.com/page/TikiLIVE-Better-than-Radio

To learn more about the affiliates program and how to become a qualified affiliate to take part in our contest visit: http://www.tikilive.com/affiliates

To join the “$10,000 Shout Out Contest!”, follow this Become a Qualified TikiLIVE Affiliate link and get started today. If you have any questions about our HD broadcasting solutions, White-Label TikiLIVE platforms, or the Affiliates program, we can be reached via our Contact Form or by phone at: 305.289.4557

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